About the maintenance of the air filter


1, the filter element is the core component of the filter, made of special materials, belonging to wearing parts, requiring special maintenance and maintenance;
2. When the filter has been working for a long time, the filter element has intercepted certain impurities, which will lead to an increase in pressure and a decrease in flow rate. At this time, it is necessary to clean it in time;
3. When cleaning, be careful not to deform or damage the filter element.
Generally, the service life of the filter element is different depending on the raw materials used. However, as the use time prolongs, the impurities in the water will block the filter element. Therefore, the PP filter element generally needs to be replaced in three months; the activated carbon filter element needs to be replaced in six months. Because the fiber filter can not be cleaned, it is generally placed at the back end of PP cotton and activated carbon, which is not easy to cause blockage; ceramic filter can usually be used for 9-12 months.
The filter paper in the equipment is also one of the key points. The filter paper in the high-quality filter equipment is usually made of microfiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which can effectively filter impurities and has strong dirt storage capacity. According to relevant statistics, a passenger car with an output of 180 kW is about 1.5 kilograms of impurities filtered by the filtering equipment during 30,000 kilometers of driving. In addition, the equipment also has great requirements on the strength of the filter paper. Due to the large air flow rate, the strength of the filter paper can resist the strong air flow, ensure the efficiency of filtration, and prolong the service life of the equipment.
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