Classification and use of oil filters


Typically, oil filters are primarily used for the filtration of oil in hydraulic systems, installed in filters and oil filters in hydraulic systems. According to the installation position in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil filter is divided into an oil suction line oil filter, a pressure line oil filter and a return line oil filter.
Suction line hydraulic oil filter: oil suction line (fuel tank - hydraulic pump inlet) or directly install the oil absorption filter in the fuel tank is a necessary measure to protect the hydraulic pump, its accuracy is generally 100 ~ 180μm, depending on the pump's self-priming capacity Different determinations, excessive flow resistance lead to cavitation of the hydraulic pump.
Pressure line hydraulic oil filter: The pressure line oil filter not only protects the components downstream, but also serves as the main oil filter to ensure the pollution degree of the system oil. It also works well for the hydraulic pump through its high efficiency purification of the oil. The protection effect, the filtration precision is 5-10μm, the pressure of the filter is large, the vibration is also very harmful, the allowable pressure difference of the oil filter of the pressure pipeline, according to different pressure levels, the range is 0.3-0.7MPa.
Since the filter does not have a uniform division method, it can be classified and summarized from the characteristics of various filters. The filters classified according to the pressure level are classified into three types: a high pressure filter, a low pressure filter, and a medium pressure filter. The difference between the three filters is 16Mpa and 1.6Mpa. The pressure is greater than 16Mpa, which is called high pressure filter. The smaller than 16Mpa (including 16Mpa) but greater than 1.6Mpa is called medium pressure filter, less than 1.6Mpa (including 1.6). Mpa) is called a low pressure filter.
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