On the importance of hydraulic oil filter


    Hydraulic oil is the direct medium for hydraulic system operation. The power and operation control of all hydraulic systems are transmitted by hydraulic oil. The main parts of hydraulic oil “deterioration” are hydraulic oil tank hydraulic oil filter and impurities generated by hydraulic parts wear. Etc., the analysis is as follows:
    1. The hydraulic oil tank is the place to provide hydraulic oil, heat dissipation, precipitation impurities and discharge of hydraulic system air. Firstly, insufficient supply of hydraulic oil will cause the suction of the hydraulic oil pump. The first suction will make the hydraulic oil pump insufficiently supplied, which directly leads to hydraulic pressure. The wear of the oil pump quickly causes the hydraulic oil pump to be seriously damaged to scrap; the second suction causes the hydraulic oil to mix in the air, resulting in an increase in the compression elasticity of the hydraulic oil, which reduces the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic oil pump and other working devices, resulting in the working efficiency of the entire hydraulic system. The air in the hydraulic oil is compressed during the operation of the oil pump and the working device to form a compressed gas. When a certain pressure is reached, the air is exploded, and the formation of the air hole will damage the sealing surface, and the oil pump and the working device will wear quickly. The method of prevention is to check the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank frequently to ensure that the amount of hydraulic oil is within the normal range.
    Second, the hydraulic oil filter in the hydraulic oil tank is used over time, and the impurities in the hydraulic oil are adsorbed on the surface of the filter element to block the filter element, which will also cause the oil pump to absorb insufficient oil to generate suction. Regular replacement of the hydraulic oil filter is the most effective preventive method.
    Third, the hydraulic oil is not used for a long time, the impurities in the hydraulic oil will accumulate more and more, and the fine particle size will become smaller and smaller. Such impurities are sometimes invisible to the naked eye and are very small. It will be easy to pass the hydraulic oil filter, and the hydraulic oil will be used for a long time. The various characteristics of the hydraulic oil such as lubrication performance, viscosity characteristics, anti-wear performance, stiffness characteristics, etc. will be greatly reduced, and impurities in the hydraulic oil pass through the work cycle. Bringing to the various working devices and control elements directly leads to rapid wear of the hydraulic components of the entire hydraulic system. The method of prevention is to replace the hydraulic oil regularly, or to periodically take samples for inspection, and find that the excess should be replaced in time.
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